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Kinksters of Southern Arkansas.

We are a group of like minded kinksters in southern Arkansas. Our group does hold monthly munches as well as semi-regular private events. We invite people to come out and talk to us, learn with us and hey, maybe play a little because everyone needs to be playful every so often.

We are active and emphatic supporters of health, of safety and of standards within the BDSM community and we are happy to count ourselves among the many interconnected groups in Arkansas at this time.

BDSM, kink and alternative sexuality is all about relationships and when push comes to shove you are the only one who can determine what your relationships look like. KiSA is dedicated to letting people share their kinky side with others who are similar. We support our community in this way.

What KiSA does not do is provide a platform for any one true way of BDSM. We are not open to sexual predators or anyone who seeks to harm our membership. We are a part of a wider community which seeks to open dialogue and to provide a safe place for people to make connections.

On this blog we may also post associated events of sisters groups or local interests. Take a look around and I promise, we have far more going on than you'd think. 

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